Many, Many Thanks

Last night, we wrapped up the East Coast leg of the Do The Math tour in Atlanta, Georgia. Another sell out crowd packed into the Variety Playhouse to do some math and talk about how to build a movement for clean energy solutions across the South.

We’ll be taking a break from the tour for a few days over the Thanksgiving Holiday before kicking off our Midwest leg at the Capitol Theater in Columbus, OH. There are still some tickets available, but act fast, we’ve sold out every show thus far and aren’t planning on breaking our streak in Ohio.

Thanksgiving is a good reminder for us to say a few words of thanks to all the people who have made this tour possible. First and foremost, our incredible volunteers: the dozens of people at every tour stop that have helped us secure venues, promote the show, recruit busloads of students, man the ticket booth, sell merchandise, recruit new activists, and generally, have been completely awesome in every way. Putting on major 2,000+ events with just 3-4 payed staff just wouldn’t be possible without the tremendous work of all of our volunteers.

Our partners deserve huge thanks at well. From major national groups like the Sierra Club and CREDO Mobile, to our regional partners, to the 350 local chapters, we couldn’t have made this tour work without you and are looking forward to working together over the weeks and months to come. Many thanks also to our great guest speakers — having Naomi Klein, Josh Fox, Mike Brune, and so many others along for the tour stops has added so much to the program.

To our bus drivers and everyone who has helped us with logistics: you all rock! To our friends at the Sustainable Living Road Show and Aid & Abet, thank you guys for your buses, talents, and cupcakes! To the UPS guys that have helped us ship boxes of t-shirts and stickers around the country, sorry about all the heavy loads (but no thanks to the Fedex office that misplaced our packages for a few days)! To the New Yorker hotel that let us steal your luggage cart to haul stuff from the Hammerstein Ballroom back to our rooms for the night, thanks for trusting that we’d bring it back!

And, since it’s just me (Jamie) writing up this post: an enormous thanks to our incredible team here at, who have redefined commitment by setting aside their lives and working 24/7 while riding around on a bus to make this tour work. You guys are the best team of organizers in the world, hands down.

P.S. That includes you, Bill. Thanks for leading us on an incredible journey.

On to Ohio!